Willys Jeep History

Willys Jeep History Offers historical, technical information and photos for civilian and military Willys Jeeps including the MB/GPW, CJ Series, Willys Station Wagon, Willys Truck, M38 and M38A1, and the Jeepster.
Willys Overland Jeep Paint Color Guide Color swatches and codes for 1946-1963 Willys Jeep Vehicles.
Serial Numbers for Willys Jeep Vehicles Willys Jeep Serial numbers up to 1961 including CJ-2A, CJ-3A, CJ-3B, CJ-5, Willys Truck, Willys Station Wagon and more…
The CJ-2A Page A website devoted to all things CJ-2A. Browse historical information, owner information, CJ2A Specifications, Events, Color Combinations and more…
The CJ-3A Page A website devoted to all things CJ-3A. Browse through their serial number database, restoration photos, tech tips and specs, CJ-3A variants, stories, history and other cool stuff…
Classic Car History History of Vintage and Classic Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles.
Willys Jeep History: Blog Articles Various histories of Willys Jeep vehicles including films, roles in pop culture, overviews, photos and specs.
Military 1/4 Ton Trucks History and specifications for military models.
Olive-Drab.com Over fifteen-hundred pages of military photos and information resources. Military Jeeps, HMMWVs, trucks, tanks, weapons and ammunition, rations, uniforms, web gear and field equipment, electronics, history, books & videos, and much more.
History of Jeep – CarCovers.com A brief history of the evolution of the Willys Jeep to the Jeep Wrangler that we know and love today.